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MissingNo - The amazing Glitch Pokémon

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MissingNo - The amazing Glitch Pokémon

Post  aryeh on Mon Jan 18, 2010 9:35 am

Start- Pay Day
Start- Bind
Lv6- Water Gun
Lv14- Pound
Lv23- Mega Punch
Lv40- Razor Wind
Lv48- Swords Dance
Lv59- Mega Kick
Lv78- Toxic
Lv90- Take Down
Lv103- Double-Edge
Lv128- BubbleBeam
Lv140- Ice Beam
Lv145- Blizzard
Lv160- Submission
Lv177- Seismic Toss
Lv190- Rage
Lv198- Thunder
Lv201- Earthquake
Lv210- Fissure
Lv212- Psychic
Lv220- Psychic
Lv223- Teleport
Lv230- Sky Attack
Lv232- Rest
Lv234- Thunder Wave
Lv240- Tri Attack
Lv241- Substitute
Lv247- Cut
Lv249- Fly
Lv250- Shadow Force

1- Focus Punch
2- Dragon Claw
3- Water Pulse
5- Roar
6- Toxic
7- Hail
9- Bullet Seed
10- Hidden Power
12- Taunt
15- Hyper Beam
16- Light Screen
17- Protect
19- Giga Drain
25- Thunder
27- Return
28- Dig
29- Psychic
30- Shadow Ball
31- Brick Break
32- Double Team
33- Reflect
34- Shock Wave
36- Sludge Bomb
40- Aerial Ace
41- Torment
42- Facade
43- Secret Power
46- Thief
48- Skill Swap
50- Overheat
52- Focus Blast
53- Energy Ball
57- Charge Beam
58- Endure
60- Drain Punch
61- Will-O-Wisp
62- Silver Wind
63- Embargo
64- Explosion
65 Shadow Claw
67- Recycle
70 Flash
73- Thunder Wave
74- Gyro Ball
82- Sleep Talk
85- Dream Eater
87- Swagger
89- U-turn
91- Flash Cannon
92- Trick Room

Type: Bird/Normal (I guess it will have to turn into Flying/Normal)
Can't Breed at all
Obtained via code: OLD MAN
EV Yield: 1 Special Attack 1 HP 1 Def

Base Stats:
HP- 178
Attack- 136
Def- 11
Special Attack - 23
Special Defence - 23
Speed - 29

Weak to- Fighting (if it remains bird... it will be neutral if it becomes flying)
Resists (only if its flying type)- Bug, Fighting, Grass
Immune to- Ghost, Ground (if it is flying)
Not very effective against- Electric, Rock, Steel
Super effective against (if flying)- Bug, Fighting, Grass
Weak to (if its flying)- Electric, Ice, Rock

Catch Rate- 3
Height- 10'0"
Weight- 3507.2 lbs

Ability: Glitch Change - this ability changes its sprite depending on location. if it becomes Kabutops fossil, it's base Special Attack and Special Defence change to 182, if Aerodactyl fossil, then both are 183, if ghost form then both are 184.

Pokédex Entry- A strange being made of glitched up pixels released into the Pokémon World. It's true ittentions are unknown.

Tier- MissingNo would be in the BL Tier if it is in its normal form, but its massive Special stat increase in its other forms, bring it to Uber. Of course its regular Defence stat sucks really badly xD

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